WinFassade is a program to compile an inspection sheet to furnish static proof for facade profiels.

After entering all necessary conditions, the program computes a scannable static certificate for the facade profiles.

  • vertical pole with two fastenings (wind-rectangle-load)
  • vertical pole with two fastenings (wind-trapezoid-load)
  • horizontal bar with two fastenings (wind-, trapezoid- and glass-load)
  • Computation of vertical  reaction to the window (weight of facade)

Dead weight (of glass & profile), wind and traffic (safety barrier) loads are considered.In addition, there is an output of all the reactions. On the basis of those reactions, the fixing elements (srews, consoles, dowel etc.) can be dimensioned and proved by the stress analyst. Necessary moments of inertia and section modulus will be determinated.